‘I Slay’, ‘I’m a star’. It seems that Beyonce wants to make it clear to everyone that she is a World Diva. Moreover, it appears that she wants to make it noticeable that she is not an ‘Albino Aligator.’ Have you guys seen her latest video? It’s just an amazing one.

Effectively, she is a Diva and she has decided to use her influence to show to what extend racism stills to be a currently unsolved issue. It is important to mention though, that she has been heavily criticised during the last years by the Afro-American community in the States; the reason was because of the perception that Beyonce has forgotten her ethnic roots. It seems to be a natural attitude, doesn’t it? I mean, day after day the artist appears to be more blonde and white. Might it be due to surgery? Photoshop, maybe? Whatever. The fact is that the Afro-American community has let her know of their disappointment and she has answered back with ‘Formation’.

Formation’s lyrics stress hard where Beyonce comes from and how hard she has been working to achieve the World Diva title. Indeed, she does not only show how proud she feels being part of this very often excluded part of our global society (see what happened in the Oscar Awards), but ‘Queen B’ also encourages womens´ empowerment. She raises girls spirits to do what she did (keeps on doing): ‘Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation’. To sum up, Beyonce’s key message is that, if you work hard with perseverance and without hesitating, one way or another, you will get whatever you want.

Regarding the video´s images, well, in my opinion, there is no better way to mix glamour and decadence. They are a very stylish and fancy way to show the disgusting racial discrimination that lots of social communities (not just the African-American ones) keep on suffering.

Formation World Tour

Formation video:

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