Observe today to enjoy the future

At present, brands don’t seem to fully understand what millennials expect from them. Maybe, since we don’t naturally embrace the unknown, millennials get a bad reputation due to this incomprehension. Those who were born in between the late 80’s and mid 90’s are the ones defining this group of people; we are talking about the 25% of the world’s population. People who were given an extremely qualified education and who first welcomed the new digital era. But, at the same time, people who suffered one of the most dramatic economic crisis of modern history when entered into the labour force market.

Overall, I believe companies should know, understand and matter about their clients and potential consumers’ necessities, whether they are millennials or not. This being said, since this generation is clearly changing the market patterns and trends, corporations should consider millennials as the first step to better comprehend the upcoming contemporaries. The future of markets starts today. The present has the name of ‘Millennials’ and the future’s name is ‘Z-Generation’. No company will move ahead without bearing this picture in their strategy frame. It should be highlighted that, even though people from the Z-Generation are still teenagers, they are currently influencing their tutor’s consuming decisions.

Perhaps, this trendy business-style of being innovative starts by paying attention to the millennial necessities people have. Because, let’s be clear, millennials might be a part of our society, but their new routines of consumption have been spread through those who are surrounding them. Indeed, we have millennials coexisting with people who have millennial fundamentals. In a few years we’ll be living in a society asking for Z-Generationers’ needs. Hence, the future awaits for those who observe the current demands.

Certainly, all knowledge acquired to understand millennials will be more than useful to comprehend their little brothers. Creativity, digitalization and life experiences are expected to be common frames for both generations, and so will be the awareness of the human impact on nature. But many differences will undoubtedly arise.  Unquestionably, a healthy business future starts by recognizing todays target’s necessities without getting too comfortable; this is a changing time.

Source: Cuartoscuro

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